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mcXTM Premium Seat Motion Control System


The P.L. Porter mcX™ Premium Seat Motion Control System is designed to deliver the ultimate passenger experience on business and first class seats. mcX offers maximum flexibility to seat manufacturers, lower cost of ownership to airlines, and an enhanced experience to passengers. Crane’s patented “smart unit” modular architecture reduces complexity with easily customized individual modules, plus enhanced diagnostic capabilities to solve problems before they start. Passengers enjoy smooth and simultaneous seat motion, reduced system noise, and seamless integration with auxiliary systems. Airlines enjoy a reliable system, global customer support, and a user-friendly maintenance tool. mcX systems are installed on carriers around the globe, with adoption rates rising worldwide.


mcX Modular Control Overview


  • Individual “smart” actuators make rapid adjustments without routing through a central hub
  • One-touch calibration with an intuitive user interface
  • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities for superior troubleshooting and fault isolation
  • Up to 10% increased efficiency and 50% increased precision over previous generations



  • Up to eight seats or 32 modules per network
  • Standardized system software across multiple aircraft and seat platforms
  • Seamless integration with additional cabin systems via CANBUS 



  • Smooth, simultaneous seat movement with no delays or pauses through full actuator range of motion

  • Industry-leading “safety zone” collision avoidance and jam detection

  • 100,000 seat cycles

  • Easy to upgrade and reconfigure individual modules for the ultimate customized experience


Modules Available

mcX supports the following modules for your cabin needs:

  • Linear thru-shaft actuator

  • Linear extension shaft actuator

  • Full-sized rotary actuator

  • Compact rotary actuator

  • Power supply module

  • Passenger control module

  • Auxiliary interface module

  • Lumbar module

  • Legacy actuator module


Want more information?

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